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Can breastfeeding help with immunization pain?

Baby is fed mother's milk looking at camera. Close up head shot.

Vaccines are a routine part of your baby’s childhood. They help to keep your baby healthy by protecting your baby against serious infections. However, vaccinations maybe painful and cause stress to your baby.

Breastfeeding during vaccination is safe for babies even newborns. Research has shown that breastfeeding during your baby’s injections can decrease their pain and distress. Breastfeeding combines holding and the familiar taste of your breast milk as one of the best ways to keep your baby calm during immunization.

Tips for breastfeeding during immunization:

  • Remove your baby’s clothing to expose their arms or legs for the needle.
  • Start breastfeeding before the immunization.
  • Your baby should be latched and sucking well before receiving the injection.
  • Your health care professional can give your baby the injection while you are breastfeeding
  • Breastfeed your baby before, during and after to decrease pain and provide comfort.
  • If your baby is getting two injections, after the first injection position your baby on your other breast. Ensure your baby is latched on and sucking well before the second needle is given.

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