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Can I breastfeed if my baby is teething?

An aA baby with finger in mouth showing two new teeth.

Your baby’s first teeth will usually begin to appear between 8 to 12 months.

Some signs that your baby is teething include:

  • Increased drooling
  • Swollen gums
  • A tooth visible below the gum
  • Irritability
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Trying to bite, chew, and suck on everything
  • Rubbing her face
  • Rejecting food or breastfeeding

Remember: High fever, severe diarrhea and vomiting are not common signs of teething. If these symptoms occur, take your baby to a doctor.

It is okay to breastfeed even when your child is getting teeth.

Breastfeeding tips when baby is teething:

  • Your baby’s gums may be sore.  Offer your baby a cold, clean cloth or teething ring to chew on before breastfeeding.
  • If your baby bites, stay calm.  Say “NO” and take baby off the breast.
  • Your baby may bite near the end of breastfeeding.  Watch for sucking changes at the end of the breastfeeding as your baby will have fewer swallows.  To end the breastfeeding, pull your baby close and she will open her mouth and pull off easily.

Bring your baby to see a dentist by their 1st birthday. It can be a fun and informative visit that will establish good relationships – don’t wait until there is a dental emergency.

For breastfeeding support, please visit a breastfeeding clinic/ group near you or call (416) 338-7600 to chat with a nurse.

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