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Breastfeeding and healthy eating

Enjoy a variety of nutritious foods from Canada’s Food Guide to help you feel your best. When breastfeeding, you should eat a little more food every day. Often, one extra snack per day is enough. This will help you get the calories and nutrients you need. Eating well when you are breastfeeding is important because it… Continue reading Breastfeeding and healthy eating

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Can I Take Medications While Breastfeeding?

You may wonder if it is safe to take prescription or over the counter medications while breastfeeding or whether it is wiser to avoid all medications during this time. In almost all cases it is safe to continue breastfeeding while taking medications. Medications and Breast Milk Most medications will get into your breast milk but… Continue reading Can I Take Medications While Breastfeeding?

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Happy World Breastfeeding Week!

In Canada, Breastfeeding Week is celebrated annually on October 1-7th to promote the importance of breastfeeding. The slogan this year is Breastfeeding: Foundation of Life. Breastfeeding provides the foundation for good health for mothers and babies. Here’s how: Helping the Environment No waste No utilities required No emissions from transport trucks Sustainable Natural source of… Continue reading Happy World Breastfeeding Week!

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Breastfeeding: Watch your baby not the clock

During the early days after birth, some babies and mothers need time to learn to breastfeed. Your baby might be sleepy and may need some help to feed. You may need to wake your baby to breastfeed; holding your baby skin-to-skin or changing your baby’s diaper can help to wake your baby. As you baby… Continue reading Breastfeeding: Watch your baby not the clock

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Breastfeeding – Together let’s make it work!

Did you know October 1-7th is breastfeeding week in Canada? Breastfeeding Week is celebrated annually to promote the importance of breastfeeding, to encourage breastfeeding and to improve the health of babies. The theme this year is Sustaining Breastfeeding Together. Many families want to breastfeed. Parents want to give their babies the benefits of breastfeeding. For… Continue reading Breastfeeding – Together let’s make it work!

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5 Tips for expressing breast milk

Hand expression takes time to learn but will become easier with practice. It involves no cost, is always available and can be done anytime and anywhere. If your baby is healthy use a clean glass or hard plastic container (BPA free) to collect your expressed breast milk. Clean means to wash in hot soapy water… Continue reading 5 Tips for expressing breast milk

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Positions and tips for breastfeeding your baby

Breastfeeding families often come to our clinics asking for help positioning their baby while breastfeeding. There are many different positions to try.  These positions vary depending on many factors including your baby’s size, your breast size and shape and if you had a Caesarean birth. Some of these positions are called cross cradle, cradle position,… Continue reading Positions and tips for breastfeeding your baby

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Breastfeeding: Latching Your Baby

Having a good latch will help you make enough breast milk and help your baby to breastfeed well. It will also help prevent pain when breastfeeding. A poor latch can cause sore nipples, a hungry baby and a decreased breast milk supply. Some babies are able to latch on their own and others need some… Continue reading Breastfeeding: Latching Your Baby

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Travelling with expressed breast milk?

Travelling this winter with expressed breast milk?  Make it easy with these simple tips. For storing your breast milk: put breast milk in glass or hard plastic (BPA free) containers with air tight lids (for example, small jars and bottles with lids). special breast milk freezer bags can be used. Do not use bottle liner bags… Continue reading Travelling with expressed breast milk?


Zika and Breastfeeding

What is Zika? Zika is a virus spread by the bite of an infected mosquito.  Infection during pregnancy has been linked to a condition called microcephaly, an abnormally small head in newborns caused by disruptions in brain development.  This can lead to lifelong developmental problems in the newborn. The overall risk in Canada is very… Continue reading Zika and Breastfeeding