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Parenting: Keeping it simple

Ever feel like you have lost yourself since becoming a parent? Being constantly surrounded by a baby or a toddler, but sometimes feeling lonely? Where did time for "me" go? Parenting is like being in a constant tug of war. Wondering when the baby will need you less? At the same time, standing over the… Continue reading Parenting: Keeping it simple

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Parenting isn’t always easy: How can we help?

In my opinion, parenting is one of the toughest and most rewarding things in life.  When I was pregnant I was so worried about labour and birth.  I went to prenatal programs to learn what to eat to keep me and my baby healthy, how to manage my nausea and vomiting, signs of labour, and… Continue reading Parenting isn’t always easy: How can we help?


Congratulations, you’re pregnant!  Now what?

You've just finished taking a home pregnancy test and to your surprise (or not), it's positive! You may have a lot of feelings, thoughts and questions going through your head.  One of them is probably - So, now what?  Read about 4 important things to do now that you're pregnant. Find a health care provider… Continue reading Congratulations, you’re pregnant!  Now what?