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Parenting: Keeping it simple

Baby sleeping in parent's arms. Parent wearing bathrobe carrying baby in kitchen.Ever feel like you have lost yourself since becoming a parent?

Being constantly surrounded by a baby or a toddler, but sometimes feeling lonely?

Where did time for “me” go?

Parenting is like being in a constant tug of war. Wondering when the baby will need you less? At the same time, standing over the crib, and watching the baby sleep.

Parenting embodies the giving of your heart, your body, yourself and your time.

Conflicting emotions, all the while being sleep deprived, and emotionally overloaded, breastfeeding, trying to figure out what this “parenting” is all about.

Did you ever feel guilty, wishing nap time for your new baby, or counting the hours till bedtime for your toddler, because you crave a little time for yourself?

You are not alone.

Top 4 tips to parenting:

  1. Talk with your friends.
  2. Join a parenting program, or a postpartum depression group, or a breastfeeding group.
  3. Do what is important.
  4. Keep a minimalist approach to baby things, like “clothes, toys etc.” one drawer is enough for a newborn’s clothing. Too much “stuff” occupies our time and energy, washing, folding, storing, and choosing.

Spend valuable time, energy and resources not caring for “things”, but “caring” for ourselves.

Find ways to simplify, less is more – less choice, less confusion, less want, less needs.

Keep life simple!

Sleep, eat, play, repeat, will become easier and a lot more fun.

My grandmother who dates from the “Greatest Generation” before 1925 said, “We get too soon old, and too late smart”.

New parents today have so much more awareness and knowledge, and seem to know what is important.

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