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Pregnancy and alcohol: Do they mix?

September is FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder) awareness month with September 9th designated as International FASD Awareness Day.  This day was started as a reminder that pregnancy and alcohol don't mix. Why pregnancy and alcohol don't mix: Alcohol can pass from the mother's blood into the baby's blood and affect the growth of the baby's… Continue reading Pregnancy and alcohol: Do they mix?

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Giving birth in a new land

Being pregnant and giving birth in a new country can be exciting, stressful and scary at the same time. Prenatal care, birth practices, and traditions surrounding the birth of your baby can differ from country to country. Many individuals face challenges adjusting to their new country. For example, language barriers, employment, financial worries and lack… Continue reading Giving birth in a new land

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Raising awareness about FASD

Alcohol and pregnancy is a topic that has been around for generations. Some common questions and statements related to the use of alcohol during pregnancy include: “Isn’t it OK to have a glass of wine or cider on a special occasion during pregnancy?” “One drink won’t hurt, right?” “My mom drank alcohol when she was… Continue reading Raising awareness about FASD


Pregnancy and COVID-19

The novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, is a respiratory infection; an infection that mainly affects your lungs. Those who have COVID-19 can have mild or severe symptoms such as fever, cough, muscle aches, tiredness or difficulty breathing. Research is underway, but at present there is no evidence that pregnant individuals are at higher risk of severe… Continue reading Pregnancy and COVID-19

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Canada’s Prenatal Nutrition Program (CPNP)

Congratulations on your pregnancy! This can be a joyous yet overwhelming time for you. You are probably thinking about the many physical changes happening to your body and what's going to come next. Prenatal programs can help answer your questions. Prenatal programs can provide information on: labour and birth prenatal care and services how to… Continue reading Canada’s Prenatal Nutrition Program (CPNP)

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Coping with stress and anxiety during & after pregnancy

Some stress and anxiety is common during pregnancy. When either become more severe and start to affect your thoughts, feelings and behaviour, it's important to seek help.  The challenges or changes during and after pregnancy can increase the risk of stress and anxiety. 1 in 5 mothers experience anxiety and depression during pregnancy and postpartum.… Continue reading Coping with stress and anxiety during & after pregnancy


How to manage back pain in pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of many physical changes to your body. Knowing what to expect and how to cope can help you have a healthy and comfortable pregnancy. One common complaint during pregnancy is backaches and pains. Many people in my prenatal program often complain of this especially as they get further along in their… Continue reading How to manage back pain in pregnancy

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Sugar and Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes (GDM) can happen during pregnancy as hormone levels in your body change. When you are diagnosed with GDM, you may have heard that you cannot have sugar anymore. Some people that are pregnant with GDM may find that it's very hard to manage sugar intake from food and beverages, they may find it… Continue reading Sugar and Gestational Diabetes

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Cleaning and pregnancy: Safety tips

Let’s face it!  Every day we are exposed to all kinds of things that affects our health – and baby's health. During pregnancy, you may be hearing about the risks of certain environmental hazards and the effects it may have on your unborn baby. During pregnancy, your body is baby's first environment. Many cleaning products… Continue reading Cleaning and pregnancy: Safety tips