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Have you ever had a really busy morning filled with errands and appointments, when your stomach reminds you that it is now mid-morning and you haven’t eaten yet?

Eating regularly is more important during pregnancy because the food you eat gives your body and baby nutrition and energy.  As a dietitian, I hear many reasons why expectant parents struggle to eat in the morning.  Some clients say that they have no appetite, or that their stomach is sensitive at this time of day.  Making breakfast part of your daily routine can help change this.  You may be surprised to know that eating regular meals can help prevent nausea and vomiting during pregnancy.

It is important to eat within the first few hours of waking up (no matter how early or late in the day it is). It can be a small meal or snack, as long as it has some carbohydrate to give you energy and some protein to help you feel full.

5 quick and easy breakfast ideas:

  1. A smoothie. Blend your favourite fruit with milk or yogurt. You can make it the night before and carry it with you in a travel mug the next day. Try freezing it to keep it cool on the go.
  2. A piece of fresh fruit with a handful of nuts or seeds.  Here’s an easy granola recipe you can make for a quick snack.
  3. Grab an extra cheese string for yourself when making your kid’s lunch. Have it with a few crackers or an apple.
  4. Spread peanut butter on whole grain toast and top it with slices of banana.
  5. Start you morning right with some fibre.  Add canned pumpkin puree to your oatmeal. Add more flavour with some maple syrup, crushed nuts and pumpkin spices.

Try to eat something before you leave the house and make sure to always have a snack in your bag. This way, you will always have something on hand to eat and you can skip waiting in line at a fast food restaurant for a pricier and less healthy option.

We want to hear what kind of snacks you keep in your bag?



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