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No time to eat?  Here’s 3 healthy on-the-go snacks

Veggies and hummus

During pregnancy we are told to eat small meals every 2-3 hours.  How can we meet this goal if we are running from appointment to appointment?

Answer:  Carry nutritious snacks when on the go!

Let’s face it, how many of you have heard that familiar rumbling sound, looked in your bag, only to find an old piece of candy from Halloween.  That feeling of hunger is baby’s way of letting us know it’s time to eat.  It may take some planning, however packing nutritious snacks will allow you to satisfy your baby and meet your nutrition requirements throughout the day.

Eat small meals every 2- 3 hours

Here’s 3 healthy snacks that can be easily prepared ahead of time, portioned out and stored:

These snacks have foods from at least 2 food groups to help maximize nutrition!

  1. Trail Mix
    (A fancy name for any variety of nuts, dried fruit, cereal, pretzels)

Don’t be afraid to use fruits like dried mangos, apricots for additional vitamin A.  If you are adventurous you can also try adding roasted chick peas for a slight change or try this easy granola recipe.

  1. Fruit/Vegetable and Dip

Any nut butter, hummus or even yogurt can be used as a dip.  Be creative use pita, bread sticks, and slices of apples or pear.  You can even use vegetables like snap peas and broccoli.

  1. Yogurt Parfait

Try using plain Greek yogurt and add fresh fruit.  You can also layer with your favourite cereal or granola to give your parfait an added crunch.

The next time you head out, remember to pick up your water bottle and a healthy snack, your baby will thank you for it.

Share your favourite nutritious snack ideas by commenting below.

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