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How can family and friends make breastfeeding a success?

Multi Generation Family Sitting On Sofa With Newborn Baby

After birth you and your baby will need time to learn to breastfeed.  You will also need to look after yourself and your baby.

Here are some tips:

  • Make sleep/rest a priority
  • Limit visitors, telephone calls and other interruptions during the early weeks
  • Ask for help when needed
  • Accept help when offered

Family and friends care for you and want the best for you and your baby.  They may not know what they can do to help while you and your baby focus on learning to breastfeed.

Ask and accept support from family and friends with:

  • Everyday tasks
    Ask for assistance with meal preparation, dishes, laundry, keeping your house tidy and caring for your other children.
  • Caring for baby
    Family and friends can provide help with bathing and changing diapers.  These are great ways to bond with baby.  Also, babies cry for many reasons, not just for hunger.   Family and friends can comfort your baby, by cuddling, walking, singing, playing or dancing.
  • Limiting the number of visitors and visiting time

What other people say or believe may affect the success of breastfeeding.  Tell your family and friends you are breastfeeding and ask them to support you.

Let their encouragement and assistance help you make breastfeeding a success.

How have your family/friends helped you in your breastfeeding journey?  Share with us by commenting below.

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