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Canada’s new food guide: 3 Tips to help in pregnancy

Variety of healthy foods on white plate“Healthy Eating is more than the foods you eat” is the main messages of the new Canadian food guide that was unveiled earlier this year. In pregnancy, this is very important because many external factors influence how and what you are able to eat.

As the new guide points out, paying close attention to your eating habits is helpful when you are experiencing nausea, lack of appetite,  or even heartburn. So taking time to eat and follow your body’s cues when hungry or full are survival skills needed to navigate pregnancy discomforts.

Cooking more often, another recommended tip, has benefits in pregnancy especially in the last 3 months. Your body needs about an extra meal every day to support your growing baby. This requires that you plan your meals and snacks more often, otherwise you will be hit by cravings and end up reaching for foods that will provide you with small amounts of nutrients.

Parent and child cooking in kitchen. Child pouring red beans from measuring cup into large stainless steel pot while parent holds wooden spoon in potCooking more often can also provide an opportunity to teach your significant other or other members of the family your favourite recipes. In doing this, they can take over the task of cooking after the baby is born.

Eat whole grains and protein foods as part of your plate for every meal. This is another message from the new food guide. These types of whole grain and protein foods are especially important in pregnancy as they provide long lasting energy and essential building blocks for a growing baby.

Protein rich foods are cheese, milk, meat, eggs but also plant based ones such as nuts, seeds and legumes. Less than a third of Canadians consume plant based proteins on a regular basis. The new food guide recommends to include these plant based protein sources more often. So I challenge you to increase these items and perhaps live up to eating a variety of healthy foods each day!

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