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Top 5 summer nutrition tips

Are you looking forward to the warm summer days just around the corner? Practice eating well this season with these 5 tips: Stay hydrated With the hot weather, outdoor activity, and loss of water through sweat, pregnant and breastfeeding individuals will need more fluids. Pregnant individuals should aim for 10-12 cups of fluid daily and… Continue reading Top 5 summer nutrition tips

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Canada’s new food guide: 3 Tips to help in pregnancy

"Healthy Eating is more than the foods you eat" is the main messages of the new Canadian food guide that was unveiled earlier this year. In pregnancy, this is very important because many external factors influence how and what you are able to eat. As the new guide points out, paying close attention to your… Continue reading Canada’s new food guide: 3 Tips to help in pregnancy

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Unlock the potential of food!

Food plays an important in everyone's life. Not only does it provide nutrients to our bodies and keep us healthy, it can: socially bring people together, mentally keep us focused and well, as well as prevent or help manage our health conditions such as diabetes, and high blood pressure. March 2019 is Nutrition Month and… Continue reading Unlock the potential of food!

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Top 5 foods to grab while breastfeeding

Eating small meals or snacks every 2 to 3 hours is important for not only pregnancy, but also when you are breastfeeding. Additional energy is needed to support breast milk production and help you feel your best and recover from labour and birth. However, this is easier said than done! Especially for busy parents that… Continue reading Top 5 foods to grab while breastfeeding

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Safe storage of leftover food

Preparing larger portions of food ahead of time, or having family or friends bring you home cooked food, is a great way to minimize how often you have to cook. I often encourage my clients to prepare a larger portion of food and freeze the extra amount for another meal. That last month of pregnancy… Continue reading Safe storage of leftover food

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Does what you eat affect how you feel?

After your little one has arrived it can be hard to find the time to go to the bathroom, let alone cook! Let's get creative with ways to feed ourselves. 5 Tips to use food to help stabilize your mood: Eat every 3-4 hours This is necessary because our brain NEEDS energy to function properly.… Continue reading Does what you eat affect how you feel?

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Pregnant and want to know how and what to eat? Attend a CPNP

A CPNP or a Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program, is a national prenatal program available to pregnant individuals and families who qualify. In Toronto, there are over 30 programs that run across the City each week. I work with a team of Registered Dietitians and Nurses to support pregnant families that attend these programs in making… Continue reading Pregnant and want to know how and what to eat? Attend a CPNP

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How many eggs can I eat when I’m pregnant?

This is a question I get asked a lot. And my answer is... as many as you want! Once the nausea is gone, most pregnant individuals can enjoy their regular foods again. Sometimes meat is still a food we can't eat. So I suggest to add eggs to help keep up with your extra protein… Continue reading How many eggs can I eat when I’m pregnant?