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How to manage stress in pregnancy

Young adult with head down holding head. Feeling stressed

Pregnancy is a time of change and feeling stressed is very common. Sometimes when stress builds over a long period of time and you start to feel like you have little control over these feelings, you may be experiencing chronic stress.  Learning how to deal with everyday stressors can help.

Chronic stress may cause immediate and negative mind/body reactions including:

  • a faster heart beat
  • high blood pressure
  • release of body chemicals that can make you feel sick
  • muscle tension and body aches

If you are feeling stressed think about:

  1. What is causing your stress?

Try to identify what is causing your stress and consider ways you can change the situation to lower your stress level. Developing a plan to lessen the amount of stress you’re feeling can help make you feel better.

    1. How are you coping?
      Learning about ways to help you feel better can help decrease feelings of anxiety. Some examples to help manage your stress are meditation, relaxation techniques and/or being active (like walking).

      1. Who can help you?

Talking with someone you know and trust about your situation can help make you feel better and may help you come up with ways on how to manage future stressful situations.

If you are unable to manage your stress and feel overwhelmed talk to your health care provider or public health nurse about options to manage your situation.

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