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May is Speech and Hearing Month!

Child smiling outside in park holding up a dandelion

May is one of my favourite months. Flowers are in bloom, the sun is shining a little longer each day – and bonus – it’s time to celebrate communication and hearing!

Since it’s Speech and Hearing Month, I thought this would be a good time to highlight our four most popular blog posts about communication development:

  1. Encouraging baby’s first words
  2. When children speak more than one language
  3. Play and exploration lead the way to language development
  4. BabyTalkTO: Texts to support baby’s communication development

Looking for fun ideas to encourage your baby’s communication at home?

Here are a few trustworthy websites with a variety of tips, videos and printouts:

Tip: You can monitor baby’s communication development at home!

If you have concerns about your baby’s speech, language, hearing or vision – Don’t Wait and See – we are here to help! Early Abilities provides free preschool services for families living in Toronto, including the Toronto Preschool Speech and Language Program, Infant Hearing Program and Blind-Low Vision Program.

Are there specific topics you would like to learn more about, regarding your baby’s communication (speech, language and hearing) development? Please send us your ideas and questions in the comments below!

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