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Delicious leftover recipe ideas

Leftovers stored in glass containers

Reducing our food waste has had more attention in the news as food costs rise.

Sometimes after having a large family dinner, or buying more food due to a sale, we end up with a lot of cooked leftovers. To avoid eating the same food over and over again, here are some different ways to use up some of these leftovers:

Leftover Chicken?

  1. Make a soup: Boil some chicken broth, add in some frozen/cut up vegetables, leftover rice and your leftover chicken = Chicken Rice Soup
  2. Build your own sandwich: Mix the leftover cooked chicken with some diced apples, sliced onions and a little bit of mayonnaise = Chicken Salad Sandwich
  3. Mix up a stir-fry: Dice up the leftover chicken and stir-fry it together with some leftover rice and frozen vegetables = Chicken Fried Rice

Leftover roasted vegetables?

  1. Mash it up: Reheat the vegetables, add some milk and mash away = Mixed Vegetable Mash
  2. Make a pie: Use the above mixed vegetable mash, cook up some diced onions and ground meat and layer the vegetable mash on top = Shepherd’s Pie
  3. Create a flavourful soup: Boil some vegetable broth, add in some cooked macaroni, some diced tomatoes and add the leftover roasted vegetables last = Hearty Vegetable Soup

Leftover salad?

  1. Make a sandwich: Add it to a sandwich to add in some extra crunch and nutrition!
  2. Add it to a rice or pasta bowl: Finely slice up the salad and use it on the bottom of a bowl of rice/pasta, so with each spoon you get some extra vegetables.
  3. Make a new salad: Add some cooked meat, nuts, cheese or fruit on top to make it into a different salad altogether!

Be creative! There are so many options you can try!

Here’s to reducing our food waste footprint!

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