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Eat green: Asparagus salad recipe

Spring is in the air, and this means it's asparagus season. Asparagus is a no fuss vegetable. It is quick and easy to prepare. The less you cook it the more flavorful and crisp it will be. Fresh Ontario asparagus is an excellent source of folate, which supports your expanding blood volume and growing baby… Continue reading Eat green: Asparagus salad recipe

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Quick & easy salad in a jar recipe

I am always looking for great ideas to help me eat healthy on the go.  This ‘salad in a jar’ is nutritious, portable, fresh, easy to make, uses simple colourful ingredients, inexpensive compared to eating out in a restaurant, AND is fun to assemble! Layer your favourite foods in a jar, take it to work… Continue reading Quick & easy salad in a jar recipe

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5 Tips to pack a healthy lunch during your pregnancy

Nowadays, everyone is busy running around.  As a Dietitian, I want to challenge you to prepare quick & healthy lunches everyday.  Today, I am going to share with you my 5 top ideas for healthy delicious lunches to pack for yourself. What?  Pack my lunch?  Why? You know what's in your lunch when you make… Continue reading 5 Tips to pack a healthy lunch during your pregnancy