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5 ways to add summer squash to your meals

Tired of potato salad this summer….why not try summer squash! Some of the benefits of adding summer squash to your BBQ list: more potassium vitamin C fibre helps you stay hydrated In Ontario, summer squash are available from late spring to early fall, and come in green or yellow colours. If you are still wondering… Continue reading 5 ways to add summer squash to your meals

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Eat green: Asparagus salad recipe

Spring is in the air, and this means it's asparagus season. Asparagus is a no fuss vegetable. It is quick and easy to prepare. The less you cook it the more flavorful and crisp it will be. Fresh Ontario asparagus is an excellent source of folate, which supports your expanding blood volume and growing baby… Continue reading Eat green: Asparagus salad recipe

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Vitamin A in pregnancy

A diet rich in vitamin A (including fortified foods and beverages) is recommended during pregnancy for the healthy development of your baby's skin, eyes and immune system. Food sources of vitamin A are found in most orange coloured vegetables (e.g., sweet potato, carrot, squash and pumpkin), some orange coloured fruits (e.g., cantaloupe, apricot and mango)… Continue reading Vitamin A in pregnancy

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Make your own salad dressings

As dietitians we are often asked about easy ways to make quick, convenient, and healthy food choices. Making these choices can start from something as simple as your salad dressing. Zaynab Al-Nuaimi, our nutrition student, has a good idea about this. Purchasing store prepared dressing may seem more convenient, however, a homemade version can be… Continue reading Make your own salad dressings

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Warm-up with Curried Sweet Potato & Lentil soup

At this time of the year we can rely on hearty warm soups that will keep us healthy and satisfied until the spring time. This is what Bradie Hutton, our nutrition student would like to share on this topic. Recipe included! With fall quickly disappearing before our eyes, this flavourful soup will help warm your… Continue reading Warm-up with Curried Sweet Potato & Lentil soup

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Cookie recipe: A healthy sweet treat for the family

As a dietitian I am often asked "Are cookies healthy - can I have them as a snack?"  A cookie can be a snack option, especially if they are made with whole grain and flaxseeds. What can flaxseeds do for you? These are seeds that are more nutrient-dense than most nuts. They are a rich… Continue reading Cookie recipe: A healthy sweet treat for the family


Finding local foods in Toronto

Thinking about fall reminds us of the beautiful mix of warm colours, family gatherings, and the rich flavours. When it comes to fall foods, we often think of pumpkins, apples, cinnamon, and ginger as well as the variety of heart-warming dishes such as soups, pot pies, slow-cooker suppers, roasts, and casseroles on a cold crisp… Continue reading Finding local foods in Toronto


Cold drinks on a hot day: Recipes

As dietitians we are often asked, "How can we drink enough fluids".  See what tips Sally Hur, our nutrition student, has to share. During the summer, I find myself craving cold, refreshing drinks to quench my thirst. You all may have heard once that staying hydrated is important and beneficial for our health. Well yes,… Continue reading Cold drinks on a hot day: Recipes


Folate-rich recipe: Berry lentil smoothie

Being a dietitian working with expectant parents, I'm often asked for quick and easy folate-rich foods.  So thought I would share one of my favorite recipes. During pregnancy, our body needs 600mcg of folate daily. It's important for cell growth especially in the early weeks of pregnancy. Folate supports the extra blood production and helps… Continue reading Folate-rich recipe: Berry lentil smoothie

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How many eggs can I eat when I’m pregnant?

This is a question I get asked a lot. And my answer is... as many as you want! Once the nausea is gone, most pregnant individuals can enjoy their regular foods again. Sometimes meat is still a food we can't eat. So I suggest to add eggs to help keep up with your extra protein… Continue reading How many eggs can I eat when I’m pregnant?