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Each year in March, Dietitians of Canada supports a Nutrition Month campaign to help Canadians connect with food in different ways. For 2018, the focus is on “Unlocking the Potential of Food to Fuel, Discover, Prevent, Heal and Bring us Together.”  I particularly like this year’s theme. It is a good reminder that food has many important roles in our lives and it’s associated with much more than a source of nutrition.

Food has intertwined itself in all aspects of my life both professionally and personally:

  • My daughter insisting she needs to pack healthy snacks to help her run faster at recess
  • Bringing new immigrants to the local grocery store to teach them about their food options
  • Advocating that food can both improve health and prevent disease
  • The smell of freshly made waffles on a Sunday morning.

All of these experiences have helped to shape my individual relationship with food.

Registered Dietitians can:

  • Provide the most accurate and appropriate nutrition information
  • Help remind people of their connection with food.

Here’s more info from dietitians related to healthy eating during pregnancy, feeding your picky eater and healthy meal ideas for the family.

Looking for a Dietitian?

You can find us in a variety of settings.  Ask your health care provider to connect you with a Registered Dietitian or at your community health centres, diabetes education centres, hospitals. Here at Toronto Public Health, you can eChat with a health professional or call (416) 338-7600.

Registered Dietitians are your trusted experts in nutrition.

Learn more about the Dietitians of Canada Nutrition Month campaign and get ready to join Canadians to take the challenge to unlock the potential of food.

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