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Top 5 summer nutrition tips

smiling parent carrying baby in vegetable garden, holding basket with tomatoes.

Are you looking forward to the warm summer days just around the corner?

Practice eating well this season with these 5 tips:

  1. Stay hydrated

With the hot weather, outdoor activity, and loss of water through sweat, pregnant and breastfeeding individuals will need more fluids. Pregnant individuals should aim for 10-12 cups of fluid daily and breastfeeding individuals, 11-13 cups. Try flavoured water, milk, cold soups, and homemade smoothies to quench your thirst. Or, have a mocktail and enjoy your get-together with the rest of the group!

  1. Buy seasonal vegetables and fruits, or grow your own

Seasonal vegetables and fruits, including those grown by you or in your community, can be a more affordable and nutritious option than produce grown out of season, and that has travelled long distances to end up on your plate. Check out Foodland Ontario’s Availability Guide to find out which vegetables and fruits will be ready to eat every month this summer!

  1. Handle food safely

Your risk of foodborne illness increases in pregnancy, so practice keeping food safe. Wash your vegetables and fruits well before cutting and eating them, including the outsides of fruit like melons. Ensure barbecued meats and seafood are completely cooked. Perishable foods should not left out at room temperature for more than 1 hour in the summertime, so be aware of how long food is left out when eating outdoors or picnicking!

  1. Choose sweet treats carefully

Some store-bought sweets like ice cream and cold or frozen beverages may have lots of added sugars and fats. Enjoy them occasionally, as treats. Or, try making your own nutritious homemade frozen dessert instead!

  1. Choose lighter options

If you don’t have an appetite for hot, hearty dishes in the warmer weather, opt for lighter choices like salads, cold soups (e.g. gazpacho), sandwiches, and wraps when planning or choosing meals.

How do you practice eating well in the summertime? Let us know in the comments below!

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