Locally grown summertime foods

Parent and child picking fresh fruits from a tree

A refreshing bite of juicy watermelon. The sweetness of a ripe strawberry. The satisfying crunch of fresh corn. The peppery punch of a radish.

What do these foods all have in common?

They are all grown locally, and are in season in the summer!

In season refers to the time of year a vegetable or fruit is available, and will be at the peak of its freshness and flavour. In other words, at certain times of the year, they will taste their best!

Local vegetables and fruits grown in Ontario won’t have to travel very far to end up on your plate – which helps keep their taste, freshness, and nutrition, and can save you money.

Local foods not only taste good – choosing them helps to support nearby businesses and farmers, promote good health, and sustain the land and environment we live in.  They can also be grown in our backyards, on our balconies, and in community gardens.

Will your favourite vegetable or fruit be ready to eat during the summer months?

These local vegetables and fruits are ready to eat in July and August:

  • July: beets, carrots, corn, blueberries, red and black currants, peaches
  • August: artichoke, eggplant, leeks, grapes, nectarines, pears

For the full list by month, see Foodland Ontario’s Availability Guide.

What is your favourite summertime vegetable or fruit? Let us know in the comments below!

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