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Safety First: Tips to prevent childhood head injuries

Your child's brain starts developing before they are born. During the first three years of life, brain connections are shaped and strengthened, based on their experiences. A healthy brain is important to overall health and development. Injury to the brain can affect a child's ability to learn, move, communicate and experience emotions. A recent study… Continue reading Safety First: Tips to prevent childhood head injuries

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Fire Safety: The Home Escape Plan

Keeping your child safe is a full-time job as any parent knows. An important part of home safety is your home fire escape plan. Here's Josephine Park, a Firefighter and Public Educator with Toronto Fire Services, to share her expertise and walk us through the steps. As a Firefighter, Public Educator and a mom of… Continue reading Fire Safety: The Home Escape Plan

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Is eating fish during pregnancy safe?

This is a question I get asked by almost every client I see. The answer is yes but you need to know which fish are safe and which ones to have less of or avoid during pregnancy. What you need to know about fish: Fish are important foods to eat because they provide you and… Continue reading Is eating fish during pregnancy safe?

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Intimate partner violence during pregnancy

What makes a healthy relationship?  Do words like respect, love, equality come to mind?  Well, this may not be the case for some people. Pregnancy can be a vulnerable time for intimate partner violence due to changes in physical, emotional, social and financial demands. Intimate partner violence (IPV) refers to physical, sexual, or emotional harm… Continue reading Intimate partner violence during pregnancy

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Breastfeeding your baby in an emergency

Emergencies often occur when least expected, when we are least prepared and with no time to plan. Every emergency is different and can include a wide range of unsettling events. They can be the result of natural disasters such as a blizzard, floods or earthquake. Your family could be left without electricity, clean drinking water… Continue reading Breastfeeding your baby in an emergency

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Pesticide safety during pregnancy

In the summer, there may be more pests, weeds or fungi in your living spaces. If you choose to use pesticides in or around your home, it is important to use them responsibly and safely.  Here are a few tips I share with participants at our prenatal programs, to help protect expectant parents and their… Continue reading Pesticide safety during pregnancy

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Cannabis use while breastfeeding

Cannabis is now legal to use in Ontario for people 19 years and older (age may be different in other provinces across Canada). However just because it is legal does not mean it is safe to use while breastfeeding. Cannabis contains many ingredients, the main psychoactive component being tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It is safest to not… Continue reading Cannabis use while breastfeeding

Baby's First Year · Pregnancy

Placentophagy: What is it?

Eating one's placenta after birth may be surprising for some people, and for others this information may not be new. It is not a common practice; however, the practice appears to be increasing and Health Canada has recently issued a statement regarding the consumption of human placenta and the potential health risk. The placenta is… Continue reading Placentophagy: What is it?

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Safe sleep tips for your baby

Finding yourself confused about the safest way to put your baby to sleep? Well, you're not alone.  The fact is, with so many products being advertised to help comfort your baby and put them to sleep, parents/caregivers may feel overwhelmed by the choices. There are many ways to soothe your crying baby which may help… Continue reading Safe sleep tips for your baby


Health risks of cannabis use during pregnancy

The government of Canada legalized cannabis on Oct 17, 2018. Does this mean that it’s safe to use cannabis during pregnancy? Some people have reported that using cannabis during pregnancy helps to manage morning sickness. However, due to the potential risks to the pregnancy, unborn baby and mother, safer approaches should be discussed with a health… Continue reading Health risks of cannabis use during pregnancy