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Unlocking the potential of food for kids

A pre-school age child helps parents pick out veggies in the produce section at the grocery store.Nutrition month is celebrated in March and dietitians across Canada are helping Canadians to Unlock the Potential of Food! This March we will continue to explore the potential of food to fuel, discover, prevent, heal and bring us together.

Let us look at this from a child’s perspective.

The food we eat provides us with energy, the fuel we need to think, work and perform physical activity. Similarly, the food that we provide for our children also gives them fuel to run, walk and play.  When we unlock the fuel potential of food with children in mind, we can ensure that we plan healthful and nutritious meals and snacks for them such as curried sweet potato and lentil soup, and carrot and cheese sandwiches.

What about unlocking the potential of food for children to discover?

Children love to discover new things so taking them to the supermarket and teaching them how to shop for healthy foods then involving them in preparing these foods for cooking can foster healthy eating habits for years to come.

Food brings us together.

Having meals and snacks with our children and eating meals together, is a great way to model healthy eating behaviours including healthy food choices such as eating more vegetables and fruit.

Let us work together to unlock the potential of food not only in March but throughout our lives.



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