Screen time and preschool children

Screens are everywhere! The temptation to log in, to quickly check that email, and to look at the latest post or best deal, distracts us all. And when we use screens, our children notice and become interested. Studies suggest: 76% of preschool children exceed the recommendations for screen time exposure. increased exposure to screen time… Continue reading Screen time and preschool children

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Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness Week 2019

“Sexual Health At All Ages” is the focus of this year’s Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness Week from February 11-15.  We are all sexual beings from birth until death, although our sexuality changes with us as we mature and grow. Our Sexual Health Nurse, Jennifer Katz, provides more details about what this week means. At… Continue reading Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness Week 2019

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Let your mobile device wait: The power of attentive parenting

I remember vividly walking into a pediatrician office and seeing a child in the car seat on the floor, crying for her parent’s attention.  The parent then rocked the car seat with their foot while continuing to text and browse on the cell phone.  This is a common scenario many children face every day including… Continue reading Let your mobile device wait: The power of attentive parenting

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Parent survey results are in!

In 2017, Toronto Public Health surveyed 2,502 parents with children 0 – 6 years old who live in Toronto. We wanted to find out what kind of parenting information you wanted to learn about and how best you liked to receive the information. Thank you to many of our readers that completed the survey! Parents… Continue reading Parent survey results are in!

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Top 5 foods to grab while breastfeeding

Eating small meals or snacks every 2 to 3 hours is important for not only pregnancy, but also when you are breastfeeding. Additional energy is needed to support breast milk production and help you feel your best and recover from labour and birth. However, this is easier said than done! Especially for busy parents that… Continue reading Top 5 foods to grab while breastfeeding

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Does having a postpartum mood disorder affect my child?

Ever wonder if babies and older children know their parent is feeling depressed or anxious? Having a postpartum mood disorder affects not only one parent, but the whole family. Children are able to notice when a parent is acting differently by picking up on changes in routine and everyday behavior. These changes could be: looking… Continue reading Does having a postpartum mood disorder affect my child?


Gluten: What’s the Scoop?

Is a gluten-free diet better for you and your baby’s health? Here’s Munira Shabber, a student with Ryerson University’s Internationally Educated Professionals in Nutrition program to answer this question. Gluten free diets have been trending recently in the news for being healthier. I sometimes get asked by new moms on whether they should switch to… Continue reading Gluten: What’s the Scoop?

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Breastfeeding and healthy eating

Enjoy a variety of nutritious foods from Canada’s Food Guide to help you feel your best. When breastfeeding, you should eat a little more food every day. Often, one extra snack per day is enough. This will help you get the calories and nutrients you need. Eating well when you are breastfeeding is important because it… Continue reading Breastfeeding and healthy eating


Oral health during pregnancy

Recently my niece who is expecting her first baby asked me why her gums have become sensitive and bleed easily when brushing and flossing. If you are pregnant and experiencing similar problems, it might be related to the hormonal changes that occurr during pregnancy. These changes may make your gums more sensitive to the germs… Continue reading Oral health during pregnancy


Embracing winter activities with your children

What if embracing winter activities was a commitment for parents and not merely a popular trend? Throw aside the TV remote, ignore Netflix, turn off your phones; spend less time on social networks and spend more time outdoors.  Let’s get ourselves out the front door! Living in Toronto, we are north of the 79th parallel… Continue reading Embracing winter activities with your children