Is your child ready for kindergarten?

Getting your child ready for kindergarten can be an exciting and stressful time for parents. There are many things to consider to help your child have a healthy start to school. Common questions asked are: What are the expectations for my child’s speech and language skills? If I have concerns, what should I do or… Continue reading Is your child ready for kindergarten?


Pregnancy aches and pains? Tips to help you cope

Pregnancy is so much fun! Said no one. (Well, maybe a few lucky ones For the majority of us, pregnancy comes with swollen feet, back ache and frequent bathroom breaks. As baby develops, changes in your body are expected in pregnancy. The good news is that we can find ways to reduce the aches and… Continue reading Pregnancy aches and pains? Tips to help you cope

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Social media got you feeling down?

A few days ago, I was talking to a mom who recently had her second baby. She was having a tough week; her daughter caught a cold at preschool, relatives had dropped by unannounced, and the house (as she put it) was a “disaster”. Frustrated, she expressed to me, “How do other parents do it… Continue reading Social media got you feeling down?


Cold Drinks On A Hot Day: Recipes

As dietitians we are often asked, “How can we drink enough fluids”.  See what tips Sally Hur, our nutrition student, has to share. During the summer, I find myself craving cold, refreshing drinks to quench my thirst. You all may have heard once that staying hydrated is important and beneficial for our health. Well yes,… Continue reading Cold Drinks On A Hot Day: Recipes


Folate-rich recipe: Berry lentil smoothie

Being a dietitian working with expectant parents, I’m often asked for quick and easy folate-rich foods.  So thought I would share one of my favorite recipes. During pregnancy, our body needs 600mcg of folate daily. It’s important for cell growth especially in the early weeks of pregnancy. Folate supports the extra blood production and helps… Continue reading Folate-rich recipe: Berry lentil smoothie

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A safe ride with your child every single time!

Car seats are designed to keep children safe in a car ride when properly installed. According to the 2015 Canadian Motor Vehicle Traffic Collision statistics, there were 2,317 accidental fatalities and injuries in the 0 – 4 years age group. Four out of five car seats are not properly installed Most common mistakes: Vehicle seat… Continue reading A safe ride with your child every single time!


Physical Activity During Pregnancy

Are you pregnant? Not sure whether to start or to continue being physically active during your pregnancy?  Well, you are not alone. As a public health nurse working with expectant mothers, I have frequently been asked about the safety of being physically active during pregnancy. Benefits:  improves muscle tone and cardiovascular fitness promotes appropriate weight… Continue reading Physical Activity During Pregnancy

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Does what you eat affect how you feel?

After your little one has arrived it can be hard to find the time to go to the bathroom, let alone cook! Let’s get creative with ways to feed ourselves. 5 Tips to use food to help stabilize your mood: Eat every 3-4 hours This is necessary because our brain NEEDS energy to function properly.… Continue reading Does what you eat affect how you feel?