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Checking in on your child’s development

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Worried about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on your child’s growth and development? Our nurse Allison Stockley has written a four part series on the importance of the early years.  Here is part one on growth and development.

The pandemic has many families feeling like life has slowed way down, sped up, or that life is just on hold. Your vision for your baby’s first year may look a little different than what you had imagined but our children continue to grow, develop and learn! A big shout out to all the parents and caregivers wearing many hats as caregiver, teacher, playmate, chef, and the list goes on….and a sincere “you got this!” to those of you who are navigating the first year of parenthood during the pandemic.

Your child is growing and learning every day. Every child is unique and develops at their own pace. As a parent/caregiver, you know your child best and can observe and identify possible developmental concerns. The earlier concerns are identified, the earlier you can get support from a range of health care professionals in getting your child off to the best start and helping your child reach their full potential.

To ensure your child is progressing and learning at an age appropriate pace, there are a number of resources that can help you monitor and support your child’s development. Becoming informed about childhood developmental milestones allows you to be your child’s best advocate.  

Looksee Checklist:

If you have a child 0-6 years of age, the Looksee Checklists are available to help you monitor and support your child’s development.

There are 13 checklists ranging from 1 month to 6 years of age, each with a list of yes or no questions, as well as fun activity suggestions that nurture different aspects of your child’s development at each stage. Areas of development include:

  • physical (fine motor, gross motor)
  • emotional
  • self-help
  • social
  • communication
  • cognitive (learning and thinking)

Here are some helpful videos to learn more about the Looksee checklist:

18-Month Well Baby Visit:

The 18-Month Well Baby Visit is a special checkup that you can book with your child’s primary health care provider (such as a family physician, nurse practitioner or pediatrician).  It is the perfect opportunity to discuss all areas of your child’s development.

You can complete a FREE online 18-month Visit Planner to help you think about what you want to discuss with your primary health care provider and create a personalized plan before your visit!

Don’t wait and see with your child’s development! You are your child’s FIRST teacher and trusted advocate.

If you have questions or concerns about your child’s development, speak with your primary care provider or connect with a Public Health Nurse via eChat or call 416-338-7600.

You’ve got this!

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