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The many hats of parenthood

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Becoming a new parent brings new roles and responsibilities.  It means having to wear many different hats.  Hats that you may have never worn before and hats that you never thought you would wear. Some of the hats may be beautiful and fit you perfectly and some of the hats may be hard to put on.

How can we prepare for these new roles and know what to expect?

Here are some questions you can think about to help you prepare for and explore your new roles. Ask yourself these questions. You can write down your answers or talk about them with someone you trust.

If you are expecting a baby:

  • What roles do you currently have? Are you a partner, employee, father, sister…
  • How will these roles change when the baby arrives?
  • What are some new roles you will have to take on when the baby arrives?
  • How will your new roles impact your life?
  • How will your new roles impact your other roles?

If you are a new parent:

  • What roles did you have before the baby arrived?
  • How did these roles change once the baby arrived?
  • What new roles have been added?
  • Which roles are challenging and which roles are easy?
  • What has helped you with your new roles?
  • What else would help you with your new roles?

We can’t wear all of our hats at the same time. Sometimes we need to prioritize and take off one of our hats.  Sometimes we need to lower our expectations and be gentle with ourselves.

Finding balance and taking care of yourself between all these roles is important. It can help you feel better physically and emotionally and it can help you with your relationship with your baby/child.

Remember, you are doing the best you can.  Wearing a lot of hats is challenging.  Reach out for support. Talk to your friends and family especially ones who may be wearing similar hats. 

For more information on supports available to you:

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