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Benefits of taking your child on a discovery walk

As a Public Health Nurse working in the Healthy Babies, Healthy Children program, I am asked every day: Is it safe to take my baby outside? My answer is YES, I recommend you go outside for a discovery walk (everyday if you can). Here’s my top 5 benefits of a discovery walk:  Opportunity for new learningBabies… Continue reading Benefits of taking your child on a discovery walk

Baby's First Year · Parenting

Healthy sleep routines for your baby

Have you ever heard the phrase "sleeping like a baby"?  It usually means that the person had a really good sleep. But ask any new parent and they will tell you that most babies don't "sleep like a baby".  Many new parents struggle with helping their baby fall asleep or their baby waking often in… Continue reading Healthy sleep routines for your baby

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A recipe for wellness

These are difficult times and the pandemic is testing our resilience. We are doing things that we may have never done before, such as home schooling, staying away from our family and friends and working from home.  Our routines have changed and we may be feeling that we have no control over what is happening… Continue reading A recipe for wellness

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Baby talk: Let’s get moving with action words

Children expand their vocabulary by hearing the words we use. We tend to be really great at labeling objects (think: "A car! A ball! A puppy!"). But of course, we need other types of words to build sentences. Action words (verbs) are really important for building sentences, but they can be trickier to teach. Here… Continue reading Baby talk: Let’s get moving with action words

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Leftover fish? Make fish cakes!

Fish is a healthy choice during pregnancy because it provides essential fats and protein for the brain development of your baby. You can prepare this recipe using almost any fish you like. I prefer using salmon, either leftover filets or canned. I have tried different fish cake recipes over the years. The one that I… Continue reading Leftover fish? Make fish cakes!

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Building resilience: What is it and why is it important?

This is the fourth part of my brain development series. As a quick summary of this series, I've shared: Part One: How the brain develops Part Two:  How to build better brains Part Three: The impact of early life experiences on the brain This last and final part will focus on resilience. "Resilience is not… Continue reading Building resilience: What is it and why is it important?

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Happy World Breastfeeding Week!

In Canada, Breastfeeding Week is celebrated annually on October 1-7th to promote the importance of breastfeeding. This year's theme is "Support breastfeeding for a healthier planet." Breastfeeding contributes to a healthier planet by…. being environmentally friendly, there is no packaging or waste being low cost, convenient and readily available reducing baby's exposure to the effects… Continue reading Happy World Breastfeeding Week!

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Parenting During a Pandemic

All parents and caregivers of children under 6 years old deserve a medal for having coped with these months of lock down. Explaining to a young child why we are doing things so differently - in a way that they understand and without frightening them - is so important. Emotional well-being is as important as… Continue reading Parenting During a Pandemic