Nutrition Month 2020: More than Food

More than food graphic

March is national Nutrition Month. Building on Canada Food Guide’s new release, this year’s focus is “More Than Food”. Healthy eating is more than just the foods we eat. Healthy eating habits play a role too.

Let’s take a look at the following healthy eating habits:

Be mindful of your eating habits

We eat every day, but I feel we’ve lost focus on enjoying the foods we eat and have made eating an activity to do, not to enjoy. I encourage you to take the time to eat. Step away from your work desk, TV or cell phone, to sit down and focus on what you’re eating, the taste and flavours and pay attention to your hunger cues (when you’re hungry and when you’re full).

Cook more often

With increasing concerns of food safety, food costs and focus on good nutrition now is a great time to consider ‘eating in’ more often and improving our cooking skills.  Cooking doesn’t have to take a lot of time or use a lot of ingredients, check out the different recipes available on our blog!

Enjoy your food

There are many ways to add enjoyment to the food you eat, including: choosing tasty foods, trying new foods, and creating a positive eating environment. I encourage you to take the time to appreciate the effort you or others have put into preparing your meals. Let’s all become foodies!

Eat meals with others

In the past, eating was always considered a social part of the day where everyone connected with one another. Use meal time as a time to connect with others, share food experiences and maybe even try new food!  Eating together with your children allows them to develop and learn about healthy eating habits as well!

So let’s take the beginning of this new decade to shine a focus on the foods we eat and our eating habits! Here’s to Nutrition Month 2020!

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